Content Discovery & Native Advertising

#1 In Native Advertising for emerging markets

Publishers -Increase on-page monetization & experience traffic uplift

Our fully customizable and zero-maintenance widget creates relevant content recommendations that natively integrate on your content pages. By adding our widget to your content pages you immediately switch on a new revenue stream for your website. Find new readers for your content and improve ROI. Boost your content’s reach by targeting new reader segments, interests, and markets. Contact us now and start immediately with our widgets for content pages at desktop, mobile and AMP and chose among our different Infinite Feeds template and Social Stories -aka StoriYa- widgets for an ultimate native experience. Use our cloud-based dashboard and get real time insights to all your metrics.

Advertisers – Enjoy higher performance metrics based on native and localized ad campaigns

EngageYa’s native advertising platform gives advertisers unparalleled reach to target users in emerging markets. With over 1.2 Billion monthly ad impressions served we offer unmatched opportunities to empower your brand. Boost your brand reach and increase your ad inventory to include some of the world’s fastest growing markets. Target verticals such as Lifestyle, Entertainment, Fashion, Food, Sports, News, Parenting, Technology, Business and much more. Enjoy a risk-free payment model -CPC; only pay for positive ROI! Make use of our Real-time dashboard to track campaign performance (i.e., imps, clicks, etc.)